Content of Workshops

The three workshops will happen between July and October 2021 in Lithuania and Latvia. Each workshop will be held in a different setting (forest, seaside and city) that would inspire the group further in their journey.
Please find below the detailed programme for each workshop.

Workshop 1   /   July 21 - 24

Applied Theatre Basics, Group Dynamics, Exploring the topic

Applied Theatre basics

  • History and purpose of the discipline, international case studies

  • Overview of forms and practices (theatre for development, theatre in education, prison theatre, drama therapy, psychodrama, theatre of the oppressed, conflict mediation, playback theatre, etc.)

  • The Facilitator – Role, Ethics, Values, Different styles

Group Dynamics

  • Getting in touch with the group and space, inner drives for change and new beginnings

  • How to build group dynamics (trust, perspectives, values, group rules, safe space, etc.)

  • Exploring diversity of the group (skills, experiences, backgrounds)

  • Roles repertoire (discovering comfortable roles, roles admired to play, expansion of the repertoire)

Exploring the topic

  • Activities about Loss is and its effect

  • Personal experiences dealing with letting go

  • Materials about the subject and reflection 

  • Different disciplines’ perspectives on the subject (psychology, neuroscience, social sciences)

  • The prospect of new beginnings


Workshop 2   /    September 8-12

The Facilitator, the Group, and the Space & Artistic Experimentation and Expression

The Facilitator, the Group, and the Space

  • Skill Sharing Workshops

  • Reflection on the process of co-facilitation and managing differences in styles

  • Embodying and expanding roles as a facilitator - exploring one's own authentic facilitation style

  • Applcation of own values into the work

  • Containing the space – physical vs online

Artistic Experimentation and Expression

  • Effect of various art forms within Applied Theatre practice

  • Experimentation with art forms around the topic of Loss and New Beginnings

  • Activities for different group sizes and engagement types 

  • Multimedia resources for more inspiration on the topic from different perspectives and disciplines (psychology, neurobiology, philosophy, etc.)

In those five days, participants will have the opportunity to spend time alone or as a group in the nature surrounding us. There will also be optional activities outside the times of the workshop for relaxation, inspiration and entertainment.


Workshop 3    /    October 22-25

Collective Expression and Reflection

Collective Creation and Artistic Output

  • How to find a common ground that keeps everyone excited 

  • How the art form tells about the groups process and artistic message 

  • Importance of a shared output publicly that is personal and intimate

  • Discourse around private stories in public space

Reflection, Evaluation and Goals

  • Reflection and evaluation 

  • Support System for the next year through BATS

  • Internships in international applied theatre projects 

  • Certificates