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Foundation Course

Our Foundation Course consists of three in-depth workshops designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of applied theatre practice. Each workshop focuses on different aspects of applied theatre, allowing trainees to develop a well-rounded skill set.

Workshop 1 // June 3-6, Tartu

Collaborating for Change: Applied Theatre Methods and Group Dynamics

This workshop provides an in-depth exploration of applied theatre, its history, purpose, and impact on diverse communities and contexts. Through various exercises and discussions, trainees will learn how to select appropriate methods, design frameworks for processes, and evaluate workshops for future improvements. They will also develop essential communication and facilitation skills, while being introduced to ethical considerations and values inherent in applied theatre practice. With a focus on group dynamics, trainees will gain practical experience in creating a safe and inclusive environment, adapting to different participant needs, and fostering a collaborative and respectful atmosphere.

Trainees experiencing exercises from Leadership Embodiment

Workshop 2 // August 23-26, Užventis

Authentic Leadership: Embracing your Inner Facilitator

This workshop encourages trainees to explore their own creative potential and personal growth. By focusing on leadership embodiment and the theory of feelings, trainees will develop a deeper understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, and how they can leverage them to facilitate meaningful engagement within diverse groups. Through various exercises, trainees will also gain practical experience in self-care, presence, and the effects of different art forms within applied theatre practice. This workshop provides a transformative experience for trainees to become more confident and authentic in their facilitation style, and to embody the values of applied theatre in their personal and professional lives.

Experiencing how the mind can alter our physical flexibility

Workshop 3  //  October 18-21, Liepāja

Creating Impact: Practical Guide to Applied Theatre Projects

In this hands-on workshop, trainees will learn the basics of planning, carrying out, and evaluating Applied Theatre projects. We will explore the full lifecycle of a project – from inception to completion – and use real projects as case studies. The workshop will help trainees understand the important steps needed to create successful projects, and offer them a supportive and collaborative learning environment. 

Trainees will learn how to set project goals, choose the right Applied Theatre methods, and create project plans while working with others. They will also learn how to design inclusive workshops and performances, evaluate the outcome and success of a project, and share their project results and the lessons they’ve learned from it with the wider community.

During the workshop, trainees will receive guidance and feedback from experienced practitioners and fellow trainees. This practical learning experience aims to give trainees a solid foundation in Applied Theatre project planning and implementation, helping them gain the confidence and skills needed to bring their ideas to life in their own professional settings.

Discourse around private stories in public spaces

Join our community of applied theatre practitioners

Throughout these workshops, you'll gain hands-on experience and develop invaluable skills that will serve you well in your journey as an applied theatre practitioner. Connect with fellow trainees, artists, and organizations to expand your network and enrich your learning experience. Additionally, our program offers access to a network of experienced mentors who can provide guidance and support. By the end of the program, you will not only have gained new skills and knowledge but also developed meaningful relationships and connections that will continue to inspire and guide you in your journey as an applied theatre practitioner.

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