Our Training Journey

in Socially Engaged and Participatory Arts

Baltic Applied Theatre School is inviting you for its second year to be part of a training journey where participants explore the topic of loss and new beginnings through the methods of Applied Theatre practice. Theatre practitioners Kristina Werner and Nazha Harb will take you on a journey of reflection and introspection using participatory arts methods and activities to dig deeper into the theme of this year’s topic. 

You will experience diverse theatre activities as a participant for a more in-depth learning about Applied Theatre. Through analysing the effect of these exercises, you will be able to better facilitate groups and have a more empathetic understanding of the activities´ significance. You will also learn how to facilitate such games so that you can discover your own way of working with communities. Your personal development as a practitioner is an essential part in this training journey.

What this journey will offer you

The chance to be a part of a space and group where you

  • learn applied theatre methods to create various artistic expressions related to personal and social change

  • develop your skills as a collaborative, creative and socially engaged artist

  • build a network of diverse practitioners from the three Baltic countries

  • relax your mind and body within a supportive environment to reflect on the changes that happened personally and socially 

  • go on a playful journey to experience the power of art in enabling reflection and expression


The journey will span over three workshops resembling an applied theatre project in which participants can dive in personal as well as professional development.

The first workshop will start with the methodological basics in applied theatre and its corresponding domains (psychodrama, theatre for development, community arts). The facilitators create an appreciative space and framework in which the group can freely explore the topic and get to know each other from different perspectives. During the second workshop we focus on different artistic expressions to process and discuss material from neuroscience, cultural traditions and physics. In the third, and last workshop, we are looking for ways to create an artistic expression about our journey, that resembles both, the individual and the collective, that is relevant for a wider audience. We close with reflection and celebration.

Throughout the training, we will reflect with students on ways to develop their facilitation, devising,  project planning and management skills with attention to issues such as group dynamics; power and leadership; inclusion; accessibility; equality; conflict; intercultural practice; safe space and the ethics of touch.

Online Meetings

There will be online meetings twice per month (August – October) to further explore the topic and discuss theories of Applied Theatre. Kristina and Nazha will prepare readings related to the theme of the sessions and will facilitate the discussions with the group. We will also look at the possibilities online meetings can have on applied theatre projects and are going to experiment with different formats.

International Placements

In 2021 and 2022, participatory art projects will be carried out in different communities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. These artistic interventions are different in size, structure and focus, but are all led by professional Applied Theater Facilitators. 
We support participants to locate and develop a placement in a community project. On the placement participants further the skills they have practised on the programme, whilst dealing with the challenges of a professional context.

Where & When

The journey will be divided into three 4-day workshops between July and October 2021 in Lithuania and Latvia.

Workshop 1: July 21 – 24
Workshop 2: September 8 – 12
Workshop 3: October 22 – 25

Each workshop will be held in a different setting (forest, seaside and city) that would inspire the group further in their journey.

For Whom

This training will support newcomers to applied theatre but also already experienced facilitators to go one step further in community work in order to extend the work that is already underway and to inspire and collaborate on the international stage. It is open to anyone with a background in one of the areas of activism, performing arts, education, psychology and social work.

If you would like to participate, please register and describe briefly your current professional situation, your intention for the training and what you expect. We will then contact you as soon as possible to get to know each other, answer any questions and to discuss whether this training journey is the right fit for you now.


For Organisations: 600€*

For Individuals: 400€*

Discounts for NGOs and participants in special circumstances are available on request.

*The price includes participation in the training, scripts and a certificate.