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Our Training Journey

in Socially Engaged and Participatory Arts

Baltic Applied Theatre School is inviting you to be part of a training journey where participants learn how to facilitate group processes, which aims to activate the conscious and unconscious potential of the people involved. We will be looking specifically into the field of Applied Theatre, its purpose and how it has been used in different communities and contexts.


Facilitation is less a method than an attitude from which groups are accompanied and supported in a wide variety of processes. With clear structures, principles and practices, facilitators support groups to bring them into contact with its internal resources and knowledge. Throughout our journey together you will get to experience different forms and practices used within Applied Theatre such as Drama Therapy, Theatre of the Oppressed, Non-violent Communication, Site-Specific Theatre, to name a few, so to have an idea of the various forms used in this wide and rich domain.


In our workshops, we foster momentum for profound change in the areas of Personality, Somatic Intelligence and Leadership. We practice and teach a holistic approach in which intuition, emotions, embodiment as well as cognition and intellect are treated equally. In doing so, we also repeatedly focus on the world as it presents itself to us, in order to translate what we have learned and experienced concretely for our own everyday life.

What this journey will offer you

The chance to be a part of a space and group where you

  • learn and expand your methodological competencies with tools from applied theatre to create various artistic expressions related to personal and social change

  • develop and deepen your skills as a collaborative, creative and socially engaged artist with contemporary community arts approaches 

  • gain the confidence to open and hold spaces where people experience a new form of sharing, learning, experiencing, collaborating and being

  • encounter visible and non-visible issues, challenges and dynamics flexibly, creatively and with joy

  • expand perception and awareness of yourself

  • develop an attitude characterized by omni partiality, presence, compassion and content neutrality

  • build a network of diverse practitioners from the three Baltic countries

  • relax your mind and body within a supportive environment to reflect on the changes that happened personally and socially 

  • go on a playful journey to experience the power of art in enabling reflection and expression

  • have the opportunity to take a big step in your personal development and cultivate your holistic, creative perception

Essence of the Training

The aim of the training is for the participants to be able to facilitate group processes. And that they can deal with the various visible and invisible topics and dynamics in groups flexibly, creatively and with joy - on the one hand with the methodological knowledge of a group leader and on the other hand with the perceptive qualities of a facilitator.

We combine the most important things from both areas and, after completion, enable the participants to accompany processes with a high level of method and perception. We practice and teach a holistic approach in which the mind, intuition, embodiment and emotions are put on an equal footing.

Throughout the training, we will reflect with participants on ways to develop their facilitation, devising, project planning and management skills with attention to issues such as group dynamics; power and leadership; inclusion; accessibility; equality; conflict; intercultural practice; safe space and the ethics of touch.


The personal development of the participants plays an essential role and is deepened in all workshops in nature.

Digital and Network

In addition to our workshops, you have access to our online learning platform, which contains valuable teaching material and further links and information. Between the workshops, voluntary zoom calls for current issues are offered on a regular basis and during the training, participants also have the opportunity to answer reflective questions asked by the facilitators. We will also look at the possibilities online meetings can have on applied theatre projects and are going to experiment with different formats. We also encourage the formation of peer groups, whether physical or digital.

International Placements

Every year, participatory art projects will be carried out in different communities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. These artistic interventions are different in size, structure and focus, but are all led by professional Applied Theater Facilitators. 
We support participants to locate and develop a placement in a community project. On the placement participants further the skills they have practised on the programme, whilst dealing with the challenges of a professional context.

Where & When

The journey will be divided into three workshops in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Dates and places of Workshops in 2023:

June 3 - 6 (Tartu, Estonia): Applied Theatre Methods and Group Dynamics

August 23 - 26 (Užventis, Lithuania): Embrace your Inner Facilitator

October 18 - 21 (Liepāja, Latvia): Transform Conflict into Collaboration

Each workshop will be held in a different setting that would inspire the group further in their journey. 


1st day of the workshops: 3pm - 7pm 

2nd & 3rd day: 10am - 7pm

Last day of the workshops: 10am - 2pm

Throughout the programme, the utmost precaution will be exercised regarding the public health situation. We will update you with the regulations as soon as possible.

For Whom

This training will support newcomers to applied theatre but also already experienced facilitators to go one step further in community work in order to extend the work that is already underway and to inspire and collaborate on the international stage. It is open to anyone with a background in one of the areas of activism, performing arts, education, psychology and social work.

If you would like to participate, please register and describe briefly your current professional situation, your intention for the training and what you expect. We will then contact you as soon as possible to get to know each other, answer any questions and to discuss whether this training journey is the right fit for you now.


Participants can register for one, two or all three workshops. 


Fees for 1 Workshop:

For individuals: 250€* 

For organisations: 300€* 

Fees for all 3 Workshops:

For individuals: 600€*

For organisations: 800€* 

20% Discount for early-bird registration by 1st of May, 2023

Discounts for NGOs and participants in special circumstances are available on request.


We believe that such training needs to reach a wider and diverse group as possible and should not be missed because of financial struggles. So please contact us if this is your case and we try our best to find a solution.

*The price includes participation in the training, accommodation, food, online material and a certificate.

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