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Evolving Organisational Practices Through Applied Theatre

Navigating the complex and ever-evolving business landscape requires innovative approaches. This is where our unique blend of methodologies used in applied theatre and organisational development theories comes into play. Our objective is to facilitate a transformative shift from traditional hierarchical models towards more dynamic, empathetic, and collaborative systems.

Applied theatre is the heart of our methodology. By incorporating role-play, storytelling, and other performative techniques, we enable individuals to step out of their usual roles and gain fresh insights. This fosters empathetic understanding, stimulates open dialogue, and drives innovative problem-solving - similar to the collective unity and creative dynamics of a theatre ensemble.


Our approach harmonises with Teal Organisational principles. We emphasise self-management, encourage individuals to bring their whole selves to the workplace, and foster an evolving purpose within the organisation. Just as applied theatre honours each participant's unique contributions to the collective performance, we see individuals as integral to the organisation's unfolding narrative, not merely as resources.

Our training workshops, inspired by methodologies used in applied theatre, equip teams with practical skills to manage conflict, foster a culture of constructive feedback, and instil a sense of shared responsibility. Through interactive scenarios, we help teams recognise and balance the unique strengths each member brings.

While our offerings are comprehensive, they merely represent a snapshot of our capabilities. We collaborate closely with you to customise experiences that address your unique needs and challenges. The ultimate goal is to co-create a work culture that thrives on trust, connectivity, and mutual growth, echoing the principles of applied theatre for a more resilient, human-centric future of work.

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New Work Explorations

Embark on a journey through humanity's historical stages of collaboration. Identify your organization's current stage, its unique advantages, and challenges. Learn how to navigate towards a more effective, inclusive, and evolutionary model of collaboration.


Leadership Training

Transform conventional leadership styles into empathetic and inclusive ones. Our unique program uses applied theatre techniques to encourage leaders to embody empathy, inclusivity, and open dialogue. We guide them to become catalysts for positive change, creating environments where every team member thrives.

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Decision Making 

Streamline decision-making and infuse democratic principles with our specialized workshops. We use applied theatre techniques to illuminate the nuances of decision-making, enabling teams to adopt a more participatory and inclusive approach. The result is a smoother, more effective decision-making process that values every voice.


Conflict Management

Equip your team with the skills to navigate and resolve conflicts in a constructive manner. Through our training, we use the principles of applied theatre to provide teams with techniques to address, deescalate and resolve conflicts, promoting a more harmonious, collaborative workplace.

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