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Community Impact and Social Empowerment

Applied Theatre holds a unique power to transform and enliven communities in diverse contexts. Its rich, participatory methodologies provide an immersive medium for enhancing well-being, promoting empathy, fostering collaboration, and stimulating dialogue. At the Baltic Applied Theatre School, we harness this transformative power to enrich lives and strengthen communities, extending beyond the realms of traditional theatre to touch schools, care homes, community centers, and more.

For Your Community (or Organisation)

We curate bespoke artistic workshops tailored to the unique needs of institutions. These workshops, based on Applied Theatre methodologies, facilitate creative expression that uplifts well-being, invigorates memory, and fosters a warm sense of belonging.

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With Your Community

We collaborate with communities to create participatory, biographical theatre projects. These projects, reflecting the shared experiences and aspirations of the community, promote understanding, dialogue, and collective problem-solving, all while nurturing deeper community connections.


By Your Community

Empowering communities to voice their narratives is at the core of what we do. We provide expert guidance on every aspect of performance creation - from conceptualization to audience engagement, enhancing the community's ability to express themselves effectively and meaningfully through theatre.

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