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Our Team


Kristina Werner

Co-Founder, Concept and Facilitation

Over the past twelve years, Kristina has worked in participatory art projects with various people from diverse backgrounds. Kristina has the vision to bring all the necessary components for self-awareness and collaboration into this school, so that socially and artistically ambitious projects can happen.


Nazha Harb

Concept and Facilitation


Ilga Vālodze Ābele

Organisation of Latvian Workshops

When Ilga is not captivating us with her magical singing, she combines her organisational skills with experience and education in folklore. She does as well creative research for communities and applied theatre projects in Latvia.


Ieva Niedre

Coordination in Latvia

Ieva´s enthusiastic, imaginative and professional way of working in cultural production brings immense joy in all collaborative endeavours. Over the last ten years she manages projects on local and European scale and since 2016 she is the chairwoman of Foundation Initium.


Liia Kanemägi

Coordination in Estonia

Liia is an Estonian actress, director, drama teacher and applied theatre practitioner. Her reflective and thorough working methods helps the Baltic Applied Theatre School to clarify its mission and vision. Together we are searching for the Baltic way of Applied Theatre.

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