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Socialinių skirtumų įveikimas per Taikomąjį Teatrą

Menininkai, visada buvo ir yra dalis socialinio vyksmo bei bendruomenės. BATS yra platforma transformacijoms ne tik asmeniniame lygmenyje, geriau suvokiant priežastingumą, dėsnius ir veikimą, tai taip pat yra socialinio veiksmo reaktorius, kuris kultivuoja santykį su bendruomenėmis.

Welcome to an immersive journey into the world of Applied Theatre! Our foundation course is designed for those curious about how theatre can bridge social divides. In this course, discover how you, as a facilitator, can ensure an enriching growth environment, evaluating and adapting to the needs of your group. It's about understanding our role in the world, our rhythm with nature, and the power theatre holds in creating a better society.

Workshop 1: Collaborating for Change (Liepāja, Latvia - 18-21 October 2023)

Dive into: *Theatre’s Impact:* Experience how theatre fosters empathy, changes perspectives, and allows us to step into new roles. *Group Dynamics:* Explore the different phases from forming to performing *Case Studies:* Working on real-world applications - from prisons to meadows - to explore the various possibilities of applied theatre projects *Project Foundations:* Dig into the basics of project planning, from the ethical to practical questions

Workshop 2: Authentic Leadership: Embracing your Inner Facilitator (Tartu, Estonia - 2-5 February 2024)

Get to the heart of: *The Facilitator’s Essence:* Cultivate spaces with understanding, shared goals, and inclusivity. *Embodying Leadership:* Tap into feelings, active listening, and embody your inner facilitator *Creating Spaces:* Discover techniques to foster exploration through theatrical methods. *Step Into the Shoes:* Lead an activity, reflect, and adjust. Experience the rhythm of facilitation.

Workshop 3: Creating Impact: Designing Applied Theatre Projects (Nida, Lithuania - 10-13 April 2024)

Master the art of: *Representation:* Who's telling the story and why? Explore how to infuse your performances with applied theatre's principles. *Sustainability:* Ensure that the impact of your theatrical work is lasting. Discuss techniques to keep the conversation going after the curtain drops. *Challenges for Practice:* Take a look at the issues and obstacles that are central to the practices of applied theatre. *Project Design:* Outline your theatre project with clarity and purpose.

Extras: Between workshops, we offer extra resources, connections to local theatre projects, and a taste of the Baltics.

At the Baltic Applied Theatre School, our course extends beyond traditional learning. It's about understanding the rhythm of growth, connecting with others and using the power of theatre to bridge the social divides. Join us in this nurturing journey, and let's co-create a brighter, more empathetic world together!

Schedule a call with us to see if this training is what you are looking for:

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