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International Placements

New placement offers will be announced end of March 2022.

In 2022 and 2023, community theatre projects will be carried out in different communities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. These artistic interventions are different in size, structure and focus, but are all led by professional Applied Theater Facilitators. 
We support participants to locate and develop a placement in a community project in the Baltics. On the placement participants further the skills they have practised on the programme, whilst dealing with the challenges of a professional context.


Theatre Production in Kaunas, Lithuania

A performance in taxis during the Cultural Capital in Kaunas in 2022. 

The interior of the car is an extremely intimate space. It is a perfect space for sharing stories. Can it also be a perfect space for theatre? We want to use this intimacy to open the worlds of the taxi drivers. We want to turn a taxi into a storytelling machine that moves the audience in space and time through the worlds they normally can’t or don’t want to reach and explore. These worlds are the dark corners of the city: remote sleeping areas, parking lots, casinos. But they are also the dark corners of our own consciousness.

The taxi drivers will be the storytellers and their stories will form the basis of the script. We will look for the characters spanning different generations, backgrounds and nationalities. The taxi car will function as a platform that organically enhances the storytelling: it’s audio system, screens and interior features will be used as microelements to help the drivers tell their stories in a unique way.

Creative team:

Director Kristina Werner

Dramaturg Rimantas Ribaciauskas

Set Design Zilvinas Landzbergas 

Performers are taxi drivers


Place: Kaunas (Lithuania)

Possible time for an Internship: March/April 2022

Premiere planned: 23rd May 2022


Mūra pils tuksnessī' (Stone Castle in the Desert)
Theatre Production in Liepāja, Latvia

Social grotesque about expectations and longing that through poetic satire, exaggerations and physical theatre elements will reveal how people are longing for freedom, friendship, love and better times. Creative team of this project wants to find answers to existential questions such as - Are longings transient? Do they end at some point? Does ever a person stop waiting?


Creative team:

Director and dramaturg Sandija Santa

Choreographer Katrīna Albuže

Costume artist Edgars Niklasons

Actors from Liepāja amateur theatre ''Projects'' and opera singer Armands Siliņš


Place: Liepāja (Latvia)

Possible time for an Internship: will be posted soon

Premiere planned: 13th of September


Kāzas. когда-то (Wedding. Once)
Theatre Production in Pededze, Latvia

A few kilometers from Latvia's border with Russia, in Alūksne parish is a small village called Pededze that is outstanding with its unique orthodox wedding tradition. As in the tradition, also in the production Latvian (especial Malenia regional) and Slavic culture mixes with Estonian Seti culture and through the wedding ritual reveal not only the cycle of life and changes in the life of newly-weds, but also points out changes in today's Pededze that the local people are facing - closing of Pededze's only school, the future of the village etc. Big part of the project is going to be dedicated to movement that will reveal cyclical changes and order of rhythms in people's lives and in nature. The play is going to be without words but wide musically - the composer works with the local people offering his own versions of the local music.


Creative team:

Director and dramaturg Edgars Niklasons

Choreographer Jānis Putniņš

Composer Jēkabs Nīmanis

Creative researcher Ilga Vālodze Ābele

Actors - inhabitants of Pededze village, including local choir, dance group, folklore group, amateour theatre etc.


Place: Pededze (Latvia)

Possible time for an Internship: will be posted soon

Premiere planned: Autumn of 2021

Kungi (The Barons)
Theatre Production in Abgunste, Latvia

Theatre production in Abgunste manor (Zaļenieki parish, not far from the border of Lithuania) that will point out the questions of why in the time when we are our own masters in this country, we still have problems with pride, self-neglecting, corruption, we often do not take care of our own heritage, starting from demolishing, burning down old buildings and manor houses and continuing with constant fear, jealousy of our neighbours etc. The chosen manor house in Abgunste has been bought and revitalized by two young and crazy artists and in the project the manor is used as a metaphor of the whole country - our constant looking into the past and neglecting ourselves.

In this production local people's stories and memories of the manor are collected and combined with movement are used in the creative process pointing out that the manor and its territory plays an important role in the cultural and social life of the local community.


Creative team:

Director Dmitrijs Petrenko

Choreographer Jānis Putniņš

Dramaturg Elza Ruža

Actors are local people and community from a previous production ''Sapnis saulgriežu naktī'' that took place in the Pokaiņi forest (neighbouring region of Abgunste)


Place: Abgunste (Latvia)

Possible time for an Internship: will be posted soon

Premiere planned: Autumn of 2021

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