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At Baltic Applied Theatre School, we believe that arts and theatre in particular are powerful effective tools for development and transformation. Theatre has a huge potential to engage people, because like life, it involves our senses, emotions, imagination and intellect. It can be an intensely personal experience, yet have enormous social impact. Therefore the Baltic Applied Theatre School invests in networking and training for socially engaged artists in all three Baltic states, Germany and Lebanon.

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About the Program

An exciting learning journey

Develop your skills as a collaborative, responsive, imaginative, politically engaged and culturally-aware artist practitioner. 
Learn about the dynamic and ever-changing field of applied theatre: an umbrella term for a range of performance forms concerned with personal and social change.


Latest News

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"Applied Theatre is an opportunity to discover solutions in situations where you otherwise cannot. It hands you not only your own resources, but ideas, energy and support from the community." - Liia Kanemägi, BATS participant.

Join us in reminiscing on last year's Baltic Applied Theatre School - three profound, active and unforgettable workshops in Lithuania and Latvia that connected artists and professionals from all three Baltic states. 

Check out the video where you get a feel of the training, the facilitators and what participants took out from this journey.

We are happy to announce that from 15th March you can register for the programme happening between July and October 2022. This year BATS will travel as well to the mesmerising landscape of Estonia.


The dates of the 3 workshops are:

1st workshop: July 6-9 2022

2nd workshop: August 24-27 2022

3rd workshop: October 2-5 2022


Join for one, two or three workshops! For more details, check the programme

Welcome to our very first online series on Applied Theatre! In this series, we have interviewed theatre practitioners who have been working for decades with different communities and in different contexts. Each short video will tackle one aspect of Applied Theatre to give viewers an introductory knowledge about this rich and ever-expanding field. 

The videos will be published every third Tuesday from February 2022.

If you want to know what topics we cover, check out the blog. And here you come to the YouTube Playlist.