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Baltic Applied Theatre School

The Power of Performative Exploration

At Baltic Applied Theatre School, we bridge the world of theatre and everyday life, igniting creativity, empathy, and innovation in ways you may have never imagined. At the heart of our mission is the belief that theatre can resonate deeply within organisations, communities, and individuals. We bring this belief to life through our three main pillars:

  • Courses: Dive into the world of Applied Theatre with our comprehensive training programmes, crafted to foster artistic, social, and personal growth.

  • Organisational Practices: Transform your workplace dynamics through innovative approaches steeped in Applied Theatre and organisational development theories.

  • Community Impact: Harness the power of Applied Theatre to strengthen community bonds, amplify collective narratives, and promote social well-being.


But what binds these areas together is not just the methodology of Applied Theatre; it's a shared ethos of authenticity, engagement, and transformation. We foster spaces where every voice matters, where stories are told, and where dialogue and creativity flourish. This is not a transactional exchange; it's a shared journey, an invitation to experience the world, yourself, and others through a different lens.

So, whether you're an aspiring artist, a forward-thinking organization, or a community ready to tell its story, we're here to embark on this transformative journey with you. Let's redefine boundaries, let's challenge norms, let's harness the power of theatre to co-create a more empathetic, connected, and expressive world.

Trainees in answering their take aways from the workshop through the activity "Magic Box"
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About the Course

An exciting learning journey

Develop your skills as a collaborative, responsive, imaginative, politically engaged and culturally-aware artist practitioner in our workshops and trainings.
Learn about the dynamic and ever-changing field of applied theatre: an umbrella term for a range of performance forms concerned with personal and social change.

Community Theatre Performance in Karosta, Latvia

Latest News

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"Applied Theatre is an opportunity to discover solutions in situations where you otherwise cannot. It hands you not only your own resources, but ideas, energy and support from the community." - Liia Kanemägi, BATS participant.

Join us in reminiscing on last year's Baltic Applied Theatre School - three profound, active and unforgettable workshops in Lithuania and Latvia that connected artists and professionals from all three Baltic states. 

Check out the video where you get a feel of the training, the facilitators and what participants took out from this journey.

Our Foundation Course schedule has been updated:

Workshop 1: We're kicking off on October 18-21, 2023, in Liepāja, Latvia

Workshop 2: Dive deep with us from February 2-5, 2024, in Tartu, Estonia

Workshop 3: Save the date for April 10-13, 2024, in Lithuania

We're raring to go and ready to guide you on a transformative journey into the realm of socially engaged artistry. Take a moment to peek at the programme section on our website to savour the rich experiences we have in store for you. With the dates locked in, we're eagerly looking forward to meeting you in Liepāja. More updates to follow soon – see you in October!

Welcome to our very first online series on Applied Theatre! In this series, we have interviewed theatre practitioners who have been working for decades with different communities and in different contexts. Each short video will tackle one aspect of Applied Theatre to give viewers an introductory knowledge about this rich and ever-expanding field. 

If you want to know what topics we cover, check out the blog. And here you come to the YouTube Playlist.

This is possible thanks to the German Embassy in Vilnius, which supports our endeavours to spread the knowledge of applied theatre!

The experiential learning journey in the Baltics 2021

The experiential learning journey in the Baltics 2021

The experiential learning journey in the Baltics 2021